Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Reuben, 2 on 2

There is so much to say to you, yet I'll say it briefly.

I can't believe you, my baby, are 2. Happy birthday darling sweet boy. I love you with a full and joyous heart for who you are, all you do and how you have enriched me so. I loved you years before you came to me, and yet, could never have imagined then how full that love could grow. To say you have taught me so much is too much of an understatement. Did I ever imagine learning sign language, or medical jargon? And yet the real lessons grow in your boundless joy, your bounce back from everything life throws at you. It is nothing short of outstanding and miraculous. I am eternally proud of you my little friend of the soul.
Do you know this is your biggest birthday ever? You're 2 on 2! You only get my shot at that Reu-la!
I have a tradition, seeing in a birthday with a countdown at midnight. I'm [age], I'm [age], I'm [new age]. Counting down with you my boy. I'm 1, I'm 1, I'm 2. How big a boy that sounds now.
And how you have come of age, how beautiful your growing love with your little brother Callum, how you entertain him, make him laugh, nay, shriek with delight at your antics. How can there be anything more precious in my life than to walk into the playroom and see you both hanging out at the exersaucer, the cheeky, loving looks up at me? It feels like heaven. It is the most perfect of experiences I will ever dream to know.
I had to include this unedited photo again as it fills my heart to see it, the little laugh growing over your face, you catching yourself, so bashful, your wild and lovely sandy curls, your stunningly beautiful face, your radiance. Twas taken at Disney, the Aladdin stage show awaits, the background is simplicity itself. How you made us laugh as you signed "giraffe" when the camel rode past us in the front row, your little hand reaching out to grab it, all festooned in lights as it was.
For the year ahead, I wish you more of the same and a huge dose of good health. Continue to inspire us all, dear, blessed, funny, sweet and loving son.
"There's never a wish, better than this, when you've only got a hundred years to live".
Night night sweet love. Have lovely dreams. Til the fun and games begin when we wake up.


Sara Whiley said...

Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! Hope your parcel has arrived safely.
Have a lovely birthday - we'll be singing happy birthday to you!
Sara, Julianne and Rachel xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet Reuben. You have come such a long way this year and it has been wonderful seeing you grow so much. You are an amazing child who gives many others hope and encouragement by just being you. May God always bless you and your family.

With much love,

Tracy K.

Eva Nichole said...

Happy Birthday Reuben you have been through so much but look at how far you have come. You have grown and became such a beautiful little boy that is just full of love and life.
God Bless you on your special day.
Crystal and Eva

Geraldine said...

Happy Birthday Reuben, enjoy your signing times from Auntie Geraldine and Uncle Mark.

God bless you, little darling!

Kristina said...


You are the love of my life. You are the source of so much joy it's impossible to not want to be around you. I love coming to work every day just to see you. You are one of my best friends in the whole world and you know I would do anything for you.

It has been a busy two years for you, with so many ups and downs, and yet you are the only child I know who tackles such difficult challenges as though they were nothing. You constantly amaze me. There is NOTHING you can't do!

I love you so much and I ALWAYS will.

Have an amazing birthday, Ruby-Ru; you deserve it!



Catherine said...

Dear Reuben

I can't believe it is only two years since you were born. I've lived in 4 houses between then and now... I can picture sitting in my kitchen reading emails about your impending birth, preparing for my son's second birthday. Next week he is 4 and all grown and in preschool.

Your life and mine have been enriched in no small way by your wonderful mother and corageous father. Their influence and positivity has spurred me on through moments of insecurity and their focus has encouraged me to be brave and to accept lifes challenges near and far. For everything there is reason and it inspires me to see your wonderful smiles and to hear of your amazing development.

You are a lucky boy, a marvel. And while I worry for you at times, I am constantly relieved when I hear that you are well and happy.

Enjoy your birthday Reuben and I wish you many, many more.

Love Janelle

mog-aj said...

Happy Birthday Reu,
you have continued to inspire us all and exceed all expections. People doubted you when you were tiny saying daft things about your potential capabilities in later life, well yah boo sucks to them!
Keep pushing those invisible boundaries,
with love, Sarah, Stuart and Alfie X

Leigh Clark said...

Happy Birthday Reuben!!

Although I've never had the pleasure of seeing you in the flesh, through Mummy's words and pictures I know what a little treasure you are and how much joy you bring to everyone. Have a great birthday with lots of fun.

Leigh and David (Clark)

hannah m said...

Reuben: Happy, happy 2nd birthday. You are such an inspiration to us. You approach life so joyfully. It is an absolute honor to be able to peek in on your life...we absolutely celebrate everything that makes you YOU!
With much love,
Hannah + Vince + Vivian

AUNTIE LIS said...


A very Happy Birthday to the most amazing endearing loveable boy rue !
I check you blog most days and your sweet sweet smile never fails to make my smile too and wish i could kiss it ,

we all would like to send you birthday kisses and lots of cuddles

have the best birthday baby rue

Love auntie lis, joshy and mitchy.


p.s. enjoy the party

Kristi said...

Happy, HAPPY Birthday, Sweet Reuben!
I cannot believe you are already two! You are such an inspiration and through you, we all see miracles each day. Your zest for life, your endless curiosity, your thirst for knowledge and you already keen sense of humor is a joy to witness and is contagious!
Cannot wait to see you at your party and celebrate this "golden" birthday - - 2 on 2!
With love,
Kristi, John, Gracie and Preston

Lisa W. said...

Oh how I love that picture of him. I can't believe he's two - I remember when you guys first came on the listserv. He is so grown up and has come so far. Love to all of you on the celebration of an amazing little boy!

Love from Lisa, Graeme & Kennedy

The Claytons said...

Happy Birthday (a day late) Reuben. Hope you had a wonderful day and hope you have a great birthday party today! You are such a precious smart little boy!

The Clayton Family

Eva Nichole said...

Happy Belated Birthday Reuben, sorry I missed it, its been a busy month. I LOVE the new glasses very cute. I can not believe you are 2 already.
I love all the new pics on the blog and happy belated mothers day also.
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

My Dearest Reuben,
I remember the first time meeting you while your girlfriend, Moriah, was only a tiny baby in the NICU. We had just found out that she had CHARGE - just like you, and we didn't know what to expect or what that meant for her. Well, when your Daddy and Grandfather Joe brought you to your old stomping grounds at the hospital, I was able to see what CHARGE meant for Moriah after laying eyes on you; it was one of the most inspirational and encouraging moments I ever had in my life. I thought that if my daughter could ever be as sweet, bright, intelligent, and wonderful as you, then I would be a very proud Mama. And guess what Reu? She is. Which is why you both will be perfect for each other. ;-)
Happy 2nd Birthday my sweet Reuben.
Lots of love, hugs, and kisses,
Victoria (for Justin and Moriah too)