Monday, April 13, 2009

Callum in the mirror, 4 months

There's a cute little boy who sits by the mirror mama
And who just like me is doing yoga
I feel a little bashful and I'm trying not to laugh
He's here again for me tonight before I have my bath
He stuffs his fingers in his mouth just like I like to do
And wow I see a lady now who much resembles you
He's also had his little jabs with trucks on his Bandaid
I guess they did the ouchy thing and covered the pricks they made
Oh mama, mama, you will know, what we should really do?
I'm scared if he sits on Reuben's potty, he might just leave a poo!

1 comment:

JENN said...

Hello Catherine,

What a REFLECTIVE poem you made about Callum's observation of oneself in the mirror...

How cute.... "the cutest baby in town"...

and that is a humorous line at the end... Just left me with a giggle after reading this unique baby poem...