Thursday, April 23, 2009

Milo's 2nd birthday party

Milo, birthday boy

Milo, cool refreshments

Callum's toes: cool water

Callum's toes: black shirt

Boy next door chilling

Don't wake the baby (Callum)

Birthday cake, with Daddy

Anne & Christian

Lincoln in the crib

Blackboard door

Callum, not interested in girlie tantrums

Strawberry girls

Cheesey crisp fingers

I am 2

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Reuben took another day to recouperate at home with Jason, who took him out to Petco to see the doggies, and I took Callum to Milo's 2nd birthday in Pasadena, at their wonderfully traditional Arts & Crafts home at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. It was a scorching day in the 90s (way too hot for April!) and a bit of a shock to the system for Callum, but having him lay on the grass and dip his toes in the paddling pool made a difference.

Am really delighted with these photos and hope they capture the essence of a beautiful party on a hot sultry day.


The Claytons said...

So glad to hear that Reuben is feeling much better and the pics you took at the party are awesome! Callum has such beautiful blue eyes! 90 degrees - WOW and I thought it was hot here in the 80's :O) Hope you have a great week!


Anonymous said...

You are truly the most amazing photographer, Catherine!! Such a gift....thanks for sharing. Glad Reu is feeling better.

Shannon Segil said...

By the way, the last comment was from me....

Shannon Segil