Friday, April 17, 2009

Reuben has pneumonia

He's spent the day in hospital with J & K after a long term cough and pneumonia on his right lung is the diagnosis. He's coming home though as we can best look after his needs here. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he makes a speedy recovery now he's on antibiotics.


hannah m said...

Oh, dear friend! I am so sad to read this news. Thinking of you all, and especially sweet Reuben - that he's feeling better soon, sweet boy!

Anonymous said...

Hoping Reuben is feeling better soon and makes a speedy recovery. Thinking about your family and on a good note ... love the picrtures of the boys.

Tracy K.

Kristi said...

Hope you're feeling better, sweet Reuben, so that you may tease your Mama with by pulling your bone conduction aid over your eyes :-).

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

catherine, praying and thinking about u all right now. so sorry to hear about the pneumonia but happy to hear he can b at home. rest up reu! we love you sweet boy.
love victoria

Sara said...

HUGE get well soon wishes from us. Pneumonia is horrid. Hope he's up and about again soon.
LOVE all the pics - what handsome little fellas you have!
Much love and hugs from all of us.
Sara, Julianne & Rachel xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Shannon Segil said...

We hope sweet Reu is feeling better soon. We are thinking of you and love catching up with your adorable boys on this website (wish it was in person).

The Segils