Friday, May 15, 2009

A beautiful mind: Reuben signs R-E-U-B-E-N

Signing your name! I don't feel it's something I've focused much on, the letters, yes, you love to sign all the letters of the alphabet, you can read my handwritting when I write the letters and somehow last night when I started to sign your name to you, you signed it back at me all the way through. Thanks Erica for Reuben's nameplate gift at birth, his name framed by teddies, which sits on his bedroom wall. I'm sure that's helped! His teacher Gwen who helps me mostly on a strategic level, which direction to take, which schools etc, made a good point this morning. His glasses have really helped him formulate his signs correctly. No longer will he be the boy whom only Mama can "hear". I can't wait to take him to what we're thinking will be his pre-school (for deaf and hard of hearing but otherwise typical kids) when he's 3 at an open day tomorrow and show the teachers how beautifully, and with his whole heart and soul, he loves to sign.

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hannah m said...

Sweet, precious, bright and shining boy! A beautiful mind, indeed.