Sunday, May 24, 2009

Reuben's signing at age 2

Updated with a lovelier ending of his "Now I know song..."
PS I must have deleted his actual "A" to you ASL purists out there but the G in his clip looks like a hybrid anyway.

Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I'm enjoying watching them over and again now that Reuben's in bed and I can't see the live action. Note: You'll see when Reuben signs certain letters such as i, j and y, he uses his opposing hand to help formulate the signs since his little right finger is very bent and he doesn't have the full use of it.

I put together a list of Reuben's signs at 24 months for his teachers at the Early Intervention Programme at UCLA to help them better understand him and to encourage his signing beyond the home. Interesting, since I started the list a couple of weeks ago, I've noticed how much more he's signing in public, today at a photographic exhibition at the Getty, yesterday at Sea World, signing away to everyone who wants to see! How lovely the parallels with your speaking children; his method of delivery may be different, but he still has something to say. What a glorious mix here of wild and sea animals, colours, numbers and letters, salutations and emotions, verbs and adjectives! You can click the image if you want to see further. And how happy for Reuben and me that we're learning a whole new and foreign language together, albeit it's pretty tough keeping up with him. No sooner have I learnt the word from a book or ASLpro online than you're asking for more, more, more!

And so dear Reuben, you love to count to 15 in ASL sign and can recognize all your numbers. You arouse the attention of passersby "Is he really signing?". You talk to yourself in any of your 250 expressive signs and like to sign with either hand and sometimes with both hands at the same time. You often sign the alphabet interjecting words beginning with that letter alongside the alphabet letters. You love our game on the alphabet/numbers mat: "Where's the R? the K? the P? the 7?" scowering each letter and number in turn until you find what I've asked for. And sometimes I feel like shouting the old theatrical adage "It's behind you!". Or the reverse of this game where I'll ask you "What letter/number is this Reuben?" You recognise shapes and numbers no matter what their colour, size or shape. You enjoy your beautiful ABCs book from Hannah & Vivian and imagine them reading it together too.


The Claytons said...

Amazing.... simply amazing!

As I always say... such an inspiration!


Sara said...


Abi Roman said...

Way to go (as you say!) Reuben!!!
We cannot believe how far you have come - you are truly a hero for Jake to emulate since he is just starting to learn Bsl. Has it really been a whole year since we all met one another in Trafalgar Square - and look what amazing leaps our boys have made. Here's to our next reunion where the boys will have a whole conversation in sign perhaps??
Lots of love
Abi and the Romans in the UK xxx

Helen (1505) said...

What an amazing achievement! Well done Reuben, bet Mummy and Daddy are so proud of you.

Lots of love
Helen & Billy

amy and mighty max said...

Awesome Reuben...just awesome! I would just love to see you and Max sign the alphabet cute would that be!?!?

Anonymous said...

Really incredible Reuben with your signing at 2. You are a genious.

Eva Nichole said...

Reuben you are amazing you need to come to Chicago and show Eva how fun it is to sign because she does not want to do it...well she sign 1 ALL the time!!
Keep it up!
Crystal and Eva

Geraldine said...

Hi Reuben,

What a clever little boy you are. So quick, it's amazing to watch you sign with such clarity.