Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunshine arms

Did I capture it?

The camera says 100s of shots of his party. I did, didn't I? Everything that was going on under the sun. The kids in the ball pit, the seesaw, the slide, the swing? All the lovely children playing? I sat on the sofa with the boys afterwards watching Signing Time ABCs and rested my nose on Reuben's head.

A child's sunshine arms. The sweet smell of a child having played in the sun. The most gorgeous smell in the World. Intoxicating.

And that, I can never capture and the only way to playback will come quite unexpectedly one moment when I rest my head on Reuben's and Callum's again and that sweet smell will be there again and the memories of your happy 2nd birthday will come flooding back.

Thanks everyone for sharing.


Kristi said...

It was a lovely afternoon! Thanks so much for allowing us to share the day with you!

And... I completely agree with you regarding the scent sensory memories! Preston came home smelling of strawberries, sunshine and frosting... delicious!

Geraldine said...

So lovely to see you all on the birthday party day!

The boys look wonderful and chubby and content. Glad to hear it all went well, can't wait to see the pictures!

Lots of love