Wednesday, June 3, 2009

25 and 7, month by month

Big boy Reuben, at 25 months (2nd) you:
Can count to 22 in ASL apart from 21 which Mama keeps forgetting how to do
Have an ever developing and rich ASL expressive vocabularly, a wonderful English receptive vocabularly and we're working on following 2 step commands
Enjoy signing your favourite songs from school including Froggie Song (initiated by you signing "frog", Muffin Man (you'll jump all over me at this point so I'm worried about my jaw), Old McDonald (by signing "i" as in E-I-E-I-O) and Firetruck (by signing "truck"), but wo betide you'll actually sign these songs whilst at UCLA Circle Time
Make mama very happy when I have you both on my knees at Circle Time
Wave at everybody who passes you by
Still don't have your 2nd birthday photos posted because Mama's having problems cutting down and editing 1500 of them
Let everyone know you're awake by standing up in bed and thus setting off your pulsox sensor, attached to your foot
Give Mama sleepless nights about which school will be best for you at age 3
Have only be asked about you twice "What's wrong with him?" once on the way back to the UK and twice yesterday by a mother in the park
Dress yourself in your pajamas with little help
Ride your Radio Flyer Retro Rocket all over the open floor house, beautifully steering it round the furniture and operating the controls, "All systems go, Retro, you're looking good...Blast off!"
Have the patience of a saint, the mind of a scholar, the heart of a samaritan
Rascalling Callum, at 7 months (6th) you:
Can sit independently and it astounded me, the apparent simplicity of it
Enjoy yoga poses, down dog, prone, fetal, frog
Say ma-ma-ma
Roll your tongue in song, brrr, razz
Can feed yourself an organic tortilla chip which you've snatched from Mama and which you enjoy because it tastes of the sand you crunched away on at the beach after school yesterday
Roll all over the alphabet mat and look up with a big beaming smile at your accomplishments
Enjoy pulling at your brother's hair and pulling him towards you and whilst we were encouraging Reuben not to be rough with you, it's payback time for Reuben who's been way too patient with your antics these last 7 months
Have 2 little gleamers on your bottom gum which much resemble razor sharp fangs
Posture your arms and back for dressing and getting out of the car seat
Stand supporting yourself against furniture
Let everybody know you're awake with an "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

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amy and mighty max said...

He can put his PJs on by himself? WOW!