Friday, June 26, 2009

Bubbles and splashing

Callum thoroughly enjoys a good face plant in the bath (or sand, pilau rice, therapy floor mat for that matter). Bubbles in his face, he blinks repeatedly, half surprise, half thrill and goes back in for another dive to find his duck. He relishes his distorted face in the makeshift bath "mirror" and that photo tickles me (unlike my boys, I don't like being physically tickled). I can't wait to find a good local swimming pool to frolick in with him and one day, with Reuben too. One day, I promise!

PS Lots of Callum stories here as part of his Callum 365 project. I know I'm boring you all so sorry about that (nobody visiting or stopping to say hi), but Callum needs his 1st year too. I guess it's so easy to record everything for a first child and little for the second.


mog-aj said...

not boring at all, just too gorgeous!

amy and mighty max said...

your photos are simply amazing my have quite the talent! and of course you have quite the beautiful subjects too! :) thanks for sharing!

TiaChica said...

Callum is so gorgeous in the water! Please keep boring us with how beautiful your boys develop! Hugs