Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A child's view: No undershirt

In the ABC song, the word for U is undershirt, so undershirts have always been a big thing in our house.

At bathtime, Jason gets covered in water as Reuben (and now Callum) splash all over him. Best take your shirt off then. "No undershirt" signs Reuben.

On Malibu beach, Reuben spots a burly weightlifter, all bronzed and with a rippling six pack. ''No undershirt", he signs and the gesture really tickles.

"No undershirt", signs Reuben as he points to the Scottish teddy who's lost his tartan jacket.

"No undershirt", signs Reuben gesturing towards the monkey at the LA Zoo.

So many people and animals without their undershirts on. Outrageous!


The Claytons said...

Too Cute! That is so cute how he talks about no undershirts everywhere......


Kristina said...

Awwe, Reu, you are too precious. I just had horrible news and already I'm smiling again thanks to you. I love you, Ruby-Ru.

Kristi said...

Ahhh... you know how much this warms my heart! He's such a thinker... such an observer!

hannah m said...

I love this - a peek into Reu's view of the world around him. He has such a sweet curiosity as he takes it all in - what a treat.

amy and mighty max said...

that's so awesome!