Friday, June 5, 2009

Flock of Swanns

Beautiful women, Gracie has such radiance

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Isn't their home beautifully Frank Lloyd Wright? I felt enormously challenged by the light at first, soft interior and a thunderous sky outside, but I think that's what makes this shoot specially different for me and creates a mood I love

Yesterday, had a wonderful time photographing our friends in CHARGE, the Swanns. (Managed to get it down to 500 Kristi. Is that OK? LOL). And this is a very belated birthday present to Gracie (6) and Preston (2). To one of the most amazing families I've ever met and four of the most amazing individuals I could ever hope to meet.


hannah m said...

Absolutely beautiful photos, Catherine, of our favorite Flock! You are a talent!

The Claytons said...

Such awesome pics of the Flock!


Kristina said...

This is easily the most beautiful photoshoot I have EVER seen! Holy crap!!
You showed me a quick preview of the pics you got of the Swanns this morning but I honestly broke down when I saw what you had posted on the blog!

I've met and fell in love with the Swanns, but never would I have imagined that someone could truly capture the essence of their love and devotion for one another in a simple picture.

Every time my family has ever hired a photographer, the pictures have come back as though I could've set the timer on my own camera and taken the same thing myself. There is no amount of money that would equal the moments that you've captured in these pictures.

You have a gift... a gift that soars beyond any other "professional photographer."

Perfect job. As always....



amy and mighty max said...

Ok, I am a lil' envious of all you CHARGE families living in California. How wonderful that you can see, support and celebrate one another in person...fabulous!

Sara said...

How do you get the colour/black and white effect? and I LOVE those purple shoes! Wish I lived in LA and could get some for the girls!

Kristi said...

There just aren't words, Catherine... I know I've rambled and blubbered on your voicemail for a total of at least 5 minutes since yesterday... and have texted you over and over. Thank you seems so small... so insufficient.

John and I looked at all 467 photos this evening and he is, just as I am, absolutely blown away by what you've captured for us. These aren't just photos... they are beautiful moments in time captured. The essence of our children... their spirits... their joy and their love for life, eachother, for us - - their parents... and our love for them. You've captured that in a way that is indescribable and priceless. Their light shines through these photos (especially Miss Gracie) in a way that I have always hoped to capture, but never could myself. You captured the Gracie that John and I see and feel - - her energy, her light, her life.

I have always been a cheerleader regarding your talent. I have always been awestruck by your vision and eye. But now that I see the three people I love so much captured by that vision, that eye, I am know now that your gift is worlds beyond what I had already thought it to be.

We are so honored and grateful for this priceless gift. We are so touched by your kindness - - in gesture and words.

We started as friends in CHARGE, we will be friends for life... and I will always be indebted to you... always.

With much love and thanks,

PS... Kristina, thanks for your incredibly kinds comments :)

Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

Eva Nichole said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!
Crystal and Eva

Anonymous said...

My dear new fave photographer and friend of my Swanns ...Miss Catherine. These photos are amazing. Beyond beautiful. They are indeed pieces of living art. I have had the honor of some 17+ years of friendship with Kristi, and these pics just radiate her and her sweet family's spirit. It looks like such a fun day! THANK YOU for doing this for them ...thank you for sharing them with us. One day my family and I should be so lucky as to have such pieces of art taken of us. Perfection! Huge hugs from Barecca in No. Ca! :) xoxo