Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tickling my boys

Oh how my boys love a good tickle! Reuben signs "More, More, More!", with a little gap in between where he contemplates how it will feel to be tickled so hard, he can hardly catch his breath once again. "Yes, I can't resist" he's thinking and off we go again, big belly laughs between them.

And see how Reuben's tongue curls up (debate as to whether that's genetic or a character trait), but whatever it is, it came from me as I'm a roller. Callum looks the picture of sweetness and innocence in the last shot. Ah... were that true! Nothing finer than seeing them laugh together like this.

My word! how similar do the boys look in the 2nd shot?


Kristi said...

I absolutely, positively LOVE the first shot! LOVE IT!

hannah m said...

I love these photos of the three of you so much. So, very lovely. Hope you'll post these in frames or on the fridge so you see them often!