Sunday, May 3, 2009

Reuben's 2nd birthday: Presents in his PJs

What wonderful presents Reuben received (party pics finally to follow). And we want to thank everyone who gifted to the Children's Hospital LA in honour of Reuben's birthday. A mini camera, a mini music player, a truck, a robot, signing DVDs, fabulous books (we love books!), a fire truck, a Thomas train, paints and my favourite gift of all, the most wonderful card from his cousin Aurora Joy (Aged 10), my sister Anne-Marie's daughter. Ever the creative Aurora had taken herself away to write for Reuben and came up with these poems entirely penned by herself. As Anne-Marie says, if she'd been involved in any way, the poems wouldn't have been so beautiful!

"Flutter, flutter
Days go by
From when I heard
A lullaby
Soon I will be three
And then four
Growing as I learn
Some more,
Travelling times draw near
But with Daddy near
I shall not fear"

"Summer sun and Summer heat
I do not know the people I will meet
The World is big and I am small
Into dreams and thoughts I will fall
As I grow older
Life becomes different
But I will always believe in myself"

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