Thursday, August 20, 2009

20 August: From open heart to 36 steps

There are dates etched in my mind, like the 20th of August. Looking at Reuben today, I look back from whence he came, marvel at how far he's come. PT Carrie is just leaving when Reuben walks his longest stretch: 21 steps and yet no sooner is she down the garden path to her car than he decides to launch into a huge walk of 36 steps, full of twists and turns, righting his balance, standing momentarily and then walking off again. We know how difficult this is to achieve with absolutely no naturally God-injected balance in his body. It's utterly delightful, a huge smile growing on his face, chuffed with his achievement, showing off.

And so I look back only briefly today, 2 years ago, when Reuben came through the worst, his open heart surgery and marvel at how beautifully he was given a second chance to grow from surviving, to striving, to absolutely thriving.

I know Kristi and Hannah have their dates too and doubtless many of our friends out there with milestones reached. Please share your momentous dates for you in the comments.


Sara said...

Momentous dates: 13th Sept 2006 - the day we got a BFP after IVF. 17th May 2007, bringing our beautiful, perfect baby girls home.

Soooo proud of Reu! Wish we'd been able to meet up while you were over - one day!

hannah m said...

I was just thinking about the 24th of August, which is the day we brought Vivian home from the NICU after she was born. And then we started living, all the while knowing heart surgery was just around the corner. Bittersweet.

So many momentous dates - and that's just the way my mind works - to remember them!

So, so excited about Sweet Reu's steps. Absolutely thrilling! Strong boy!

Kristi said...

Ah... dates! My mind is full of them... it amazes John that I can remember when so many different things have happened... but, like Hannah said, that's just the way my mind works.
This month and next are really significant for me in the date department... Gracie's first open heart surgery, her pacemaker surgery and then, ultimately, the trach.
I am happy to say, though, that there are so many more "happy" dates, now though! :-)

Can't wait to see Reuben take steps and sign with him and Callum! :-)