Monday, August 3, 2009

About the weather

It rained all day on Sunday on the long drive back home to my parents. By morning, when I stepped outside I saw a gloriously blue sky and there was not an ounce of wind in the air, the sky literally having cried itself dry, not even having the strength to rustle the leaves on the trees. It was great catharsis for the heavens.

There are some very difficult things happening right now which beg belief. As a result, I am going to make the blog private, once I've collated all the addresses from friends and followers in blogland to grant you access. I know others who've done this at times and it can be frustrating if you want to read a blog and get a big No access sign in your face, but hope you'll understand.

My email is and you can help by sending me an email just with your address so I can keep our contact safe. With thanks for reading our story.


Anonymous said...

I hope you will still let me follow, your family is very special to me. I'll e.mail you with my info Catherine.

Thinking and praying for all the best for your family. Your in my thoughts.

Love, Tracy K.

Kristi said...

Been thinking of you so much... I know you have my email, but I will send it to you in any case.
I know the weight of things must be unbearable... know that you have so many around you (both physically and in spirit) who will hold you up under that weight.

With love,

jennifer.jaxonsmom said...

It makes me so happy to see you posting on your blog again. Please continue to do that no-matter-what. Even if you deny EVERYONE access from seeing it (and that's like torture for me).

I miss you & the boys very much.


ellen charge said...

will u sitll allow me to follow pls i think you have my email but ill email u again anyway

Leigh Clark said...

Have been thinking about you a lot with what's going on, but leave it with you if you want to let me know the background. I hope this isn't the end of your wonderful blog, about your wonderful boys. Take care ma honey, you've got my email address if you need anything.

Much love,


Jac said...

I'd love to keep following you and your boys Catherine. Email coming up soon....