Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Auntie Geraldine & Uncle Mark's Garden

My sister Geraldine and her husband Mark live in the heart of the Essex countryside, surrounded by rolling fields and farmland on a single lane historic and protected road, where passing cars must pull to a layby for oncoming traffic. Their home is one of a handful of Regency homes and farms in a tiny hamlet. You wake to the sound of cockerels in the early hours, watch sheep and horses graze from the bedroom window whilst the morning mist dissipates. The garden's awash with peacock butterflies and bumble bees busy on English lavendar. They've both worked hard to create such a lovely sanctuary. As Mark says, he feels like he's on holiday when he comes home and for Geraldine, it's a wonderful respite and half a World away from work in the City of London.

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Geraldine said...

Just lovely, as usual you've captured the beautiful, individual parts that make the whole, and make them seem more special and precious to us. Lovely words too!