Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boys on Bournemouth Beach III

August 13th: It's coming to the end of our holiday. I never really get an opportunity to take a morning stroll, because mornings are medically intensive with Reuben and we're always rushing out to school or therapy or the hospital. But, this fine morning, I take Callum down the short stroll from my sister Anne-Marie's house to the Boscombe Bluffs and down the zig-zag to the beach. The daytime crowds are nowhere to be seen and it is delightful having the beach almost entirely to ourselves, save a few families setting up their beach huts for the day and a family of hassidic Jews who are making the most of the cooler weather before the hot sun sets in whilst dressed so smartly. Callum filters sand through his fingers, studies it, crunches on it, and somehow seems to enjoy the texture of it in his mouth. The sand is very fine and clean. It's a lovely time for photography: 9am in high summer.

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