Sunday, September 6, 2009

Black & white take on Tigger

Oh! my boys, my boys! I just can't resist another post about Callum in the Tigger bouncer and Reuben standing by as he does, swinging Callum, passing him a toy to chew, keeping him company whilst Callum builds ever stronger calf muscles. These are from my sister Anne-Marie's house. Callum radiates utter joy when he's bouncing and for me it's utterly delightful to watch. Gorgeous boys, big brother Reuben, rascalling Callum, I LOVE YOU.

1 comment:

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

i love your boys too =)
beautiful pictures, as always.
lots of love,
p.s. loved the pic of reu walking on the pier and of callum's big, contagious smile