Thursday, September 3, 2009

Callum's first swim

(Nursie Fanaye took the above shot with thanks)

Today, whilst you're on the cusp of 10 months and long overdue, I took you for your first swim in our neighbour's pool. The neighbours are away for 3 days and Judy uttered "the pool's your's". How exciting in his late Summer draining heat of 95F!

The reason I've never been swimming with Callum up til now is that I honestly don't like doing things with Callum unless Reuben can be involved too. And swimming with a trach is not possible as water entering the trach would go directly into the lungs.

Mum recently remarked how much she wished we'd taken Callum swimming whilst we were back, such a lover of water on his face, dripping down from his hair, is he.

And so Callum, whilst you uttered not a word nor sound, I knew you were utterly enthralled, mesmerised, delighted. As for me, it was one of the most beautiful and long awaited experiences of my life. So many times in the post on holiday or in our home pool when we lived in Florida, I would long for the day I could take my own baby for a swim. And so today Callum, I took a break from bobbing you up and down, stopped for a moment, hugged you ever closer and felt the whole experience and its loveliness wash over me.

Mum, it was every bit as beautiful as we'd dreamed it would be.

Reuben gets his own little swimming pool: a toddler bath with 2" pool water and was actually just happy watching Callum enjoying himself. He pointed to Callum's dolphin on his shirt and pointed out that he too had a dolphin on his shirt. It's the same!

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Crystal M. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new pics beautiful as always.
Crystal and Eva