Sunday, September 27, 2009

Goodnight Moon

The two boys are rascalling on the big bed after their splash in the big, big bath with the ducks, swishy fishy and octopus. Callum has had enough of his bottle and Reuben takes it to his mouth, pretending to drink, or at least chewing on the nipple as he rests his arm on Callum's bottom, stopping him crawling off the end of the bed. It makes me think, wistfully, sentimentally, of the number of bottles still left to give Callum as he approaches his first year's birthday. Reuben tires of the bottle and reaches out to "Goodnight Moon", sifting through the pages, the words running through his head, the signs running through his fingers. The perfect goodnight lullaby and bedtime ritual. I am in awe of how radiant and peaceful Reuben looks with his strawberry blonde bathtime curls and a single wall light illuminating the book nestled between his legs. Thanks to Jennifer for introducing this book into our lives as a baby shower gift for Callum. Do you have a "Goodnight Moon" photo and story to share with us too?

"Goodnight moon
Goodnight cow jumping over the moon
Goodnight light
And the red balloon
Goodnight stars
Goodnight air
Goodnight noises everywhere"

- Margaret Wise Brown & Clement Hurd


Anonymous said...

I use to read this book every night to my oldest son Matthew. Tyler loves it as well. They also have a Good Night Moon game, it has cards and you match them to the scene in the room, two ways to play. Reu would LOVE IT!! I think I've seen it at Target and Toy r Us. We got ours a few years back, I had ordered it thru a catalog. LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Also, another GREAT book is "I'll Love your forever" about a mother who reads/rocks to her son every night and you see the Mother age as well as the boy and the end the son rocks his Mother then his newborn ... the cycle of life ... I cry everytime I read this.

Thinking of you and the boys are so adorable.

Love, Tracy K.

Kristi said...

"Goodnight Moon" is a classic... and was a favorite in our house for a long while. I love giving books for baby shower gifts and this one is always in the basket!
Another favorite... "Just In Case You Ever Wonder."

I love seeing Reuben go after Callum's bottle... Gracie used to do that all the time! Now she chases after his sippy cups if he sets it down where she might reach it!

How's Reuben feeling? What was it? Trach bug or a cold...?
Preston was down for the count for ten days - sickest he's ever been.
Hope Reu's on the mend... if you took these last night, I'm guessing he is... he looks great!

Mama Kat said...

My kids all love this book. IT is one that I make them "read" to me. They remember the words, and all "read" it to me before bed. Sometimes even with others books I am still read Goodnight moon.

Lisa W. said...

I don't know if I have any old pics of Kennedy with "Goodnight Moon" (pre-digital for me!). We read that book to her every night for YEARS, it's such a soothing lovely book. An all-time favourite in the Weir house.

Geraldine said...

I don't know Goodnight Moon, sadly as it seems to be a bit of a baby institution!

The photos are your best yet, love the peach shots and Reuben's curls. Have used one of them as my pc wallpaper.