Tuesday, October 6, 2009

29 and 11

My oh my, my boys are growing so fast....and for once I want to do this post at the stroke of midnight as Callum turns 11 months.

* Wildly curly haired Reuben you: *

Adore pleasing
Adore learning
Adore being adored
Say 'ba-na-na" so beautifully
Say "a-wadja-wadja-wadja"
Imitate Callum's lip revving and blowing raspberries
Give everything to Callum now to teeth on, glasses, hearing aid and speech valve included. Oh dear!
Use the naughty finger at Mama
Absolutely love school
Learn and repeat new signs from a single demo: friend, witch and I've now stopped counting the number of signs you express
Knew the entire alphabet song at 23 months and I've watched it ever since and yet I still cannot get over how much I love your sign for "j" (scoop your pinky finger in the shape of a j")
Like to walk everywhere unless you're hanging out with Callum and then you'll want to crawl just like him
Spin round and round in circles til I'm giddy watching you
Love to tickle Callum, love to be tickled
Are starting to drink from a sippy cup again and eat mini pretzels as you've accomplished so much in the last year, that we lost track of feeding therapy
At times are so tickled with excitement, you'll race off in a crawl, nodding your head from side to side and having not the slightest intention of where you're headed with that excitement
Try to teach Callum to sign by taking his hands when I say "Show baby Callum the sign for..."
Giggle wildly with excitement everytime you see Callum

* Callum on the move you: *

Have genuine delight and happiness from making others happy
Crawl everywhere, finally on all fours and less of the commando crawl
Cruise furniture, holding on with one hand
Have arches developing in your feet
Love to eat wholegrain toast and will rarely take a meal unless there's a bit of toast included
Have had the same 5 teeth you've had for the last 2 months and not a tooth more
Still have the same thin, fine and straight hair
Have an extraordinary sense of hearing, turning your head at the slightest sound
Love to blow raspberries on your arms and of late, on my belly in return for all the raspberries and kisses I've blown on your belly
Love to be tickled
Can drink from a juice box straw by yourself which I only discovered after leaving down such a drink and seeing you'd later picked it up and were enjoying what you've previously left behind
Are now loving books and will "turn the page" when I ask you to and it makes me think, what else do you understand that I'm saying
Start clapping your hands as soon as I say the opening line "If you're happy and..."
Are so absolutely beautiful and gorgeous, I could stare at you forever
Have changed so much from the 9 month old who wanted to follow me wherever I went and would cry when I was out of sight as now you...
Love to go on little expeditions by yourself around the house, mapping out the terrain in your head and finding your own special places to explore
Remind me that your needs and wants are as much a part of our lives as are Reuben's and that allows me to step back from all the giddiness of appointments and have beautiful moments just with you
Giggle wildly with excitement everytime you see Reuben
Are making me quite tearful at the thought you're going to be one so soon from now

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Mama Kat said...

love all the new signs Reuben has. How wonderful for him to "share" with Callum. Now hopefully mommy doesn't "share" as well as your boys and keeps her yuckies to herself! Hope you feel better soon!