Saturday, October 17, 2009

Callum's choking incident

A terrifying incident on Thursday during a family meeting away from home.

Callum is safe and well now, but the choking incident, the subsequent desaturation, turning dusky, coughing blood, the screaming and terrible pain written on his face is something I wish never to see again, nor the fear on Reuben's face.

All thanks to the Culver City police, fire department and paramedics who then transferred Callum and I to UCLA hospital. The greatest distress to him was the fear and the pain from the obstruction which we were unable to get him to cough up as it made its way down his esophagus. I don't want to dwell on this for longer than is necessary, nor to go into details, except to say although we had to deal with the situation before help arrived, we will certainly be doing a refresher CPR course having taken one prior to Reuben's birth and, naturally, since, albeit with a focus on specialist trach CPR. I urge other families to refresh their CPR and first aid skills too.

As Callum approaches toddlerhood, he continues to become more and more independent of me as he wishes to explore his world and yet, during times like this, we remind each other how much we really do still need each other.


Helen(1505) said...

I do hope your little man is well now, must have such a fright for you both.

You're right it so important to know how to perform CPR on a little one, think I will be taking a refresher course.

amy and mighty max said...

Oh my terrifying. So relieved to know that Callum is ok and you're so right about the CPR refresher. I was just thinking the same for me.