Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ctrl, Alt, Arrow

Reuben and Callum have a fantastic knack of making commands on my computer:
  • Ctrl, Alt, Arrow left turns the display orientation 90 degrees to the left. After an hour long fruitless search under Rotation, Orientation, Panel, Display, Screen and you name whatever else, I finally tried Ctrl, Alt and Arrow up and I no longer had to look at my computer as if I had a severe case of torticollis
  • After I set up a new blog for our UCLA pre-school fundraising programme, days later, Callum managed to open the blog and was looking at it
  • Entering html coding into a command screen

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    mog-aj said...

    Amazing how quickly they do it and how looooonnnng it takes you find a solution undo it! Alfiemanaged to change the resolution, open a couple of pages, close a conversation and switch back to right handed in about 2 minutes andit took me at least half an hout to sort it out!