Friday, October 30, 2009

Reuben's glasses

Reuben, Aged 22 months. In this 25 frame collage from March 2009, Reuben opens his new glasses box, proceeds to take out his new glasses, open them up, correctly align them and then adjust them on his nose. I'm so glad I captured this wonderful fine motor skill. I just came across it and am delighted to publish this post.

(Poor little love has pneumonia and only his eyes betray him as they looked so tired tonight when I put him to bed. That said, he was rascalling around the house this afternoon with Callum, still dressed as a little calf as he and I had gone along to Reuben's Halloween party at UCLA school).

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Kristi said...

This is wonderful!
Like his hearing aid, clearly he benefits from and likes his glasses!