Monday, October 5, 2009

Reuben's incredible memory for signs

Windy, clouds - these are words I haven't used (or had to use) since August in the UK and since yesterday was an incredibly windy day so that the garden table parasol finally had to come down, I said the word along with lightning, leaf and other words in our Nature signing vocabularly (Reuben knows every sign I know) and Reuben signed back without hesitation, windy, clouds, lightning, leaf. I find such accurate expression in sign language simply beautiful, most especially since he's not seeing such signs on a daily basis to aid recall, as he would be with other commonly spoken words in a hot desert climate.

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Kristi said...

First... I hope you are starting to feel better.
Second... Sorry about the continuous nursing battle. You know how much I truly empathize with you on this issue.
Third...and certainly not least, WOW, Reuben! :-)
Such a smart boy!