Wednesday, November 11, 2009

24 lbs on which my heart lingers

What shall I say to you, darling
On the eve before you're one
What can I say of you, Cali
Of my love for you, my dear son.

I'll say how you've lightened my heart
With your chuckling notes in my ear
I'll say how you've given your brother
The greatest joy we shall ever hear.

At times you'll run from my arms dear
For adventure, the rush and the wild
But you'll always return to me yearning
The warmth from being my child.

The squeak of your bed frame each morning
Lets me know when you're awake
I have not far to be summonsed
Crib beside me as much for my sake.

Then your eyes open wide and there's huge blue
Staring at me from the side
Seven milk teeth erupt from your face
So I want nothing more than to bide.

Your morning bottle it beckons
Your body so warm and so near
Tiny hands they run through my curls
And those same curls then tickle your ear.

For breakfast you'll munch on grain toast
Sweet honey for a treat
Bananas, juice, Mama's mush
Oh how you love to eat!

The days they race past us so fast
To school, appointments and class
Yet I try so hard to inject still
Fresh air, the beach, the grass.

I listen to voices like monkeys
From the car seats in the rear
I'll hear how you imitate each other
Such ridiculous noises I'll hear.

I'll watch how you'll shriek with laughter
When you sight each other post school
Never mind there are friends watching over
For now's not a time to play cool.

You point to it all with a "dat"
Your word for this and that
"What's that dear mama?", you ask me
"My love, once again, it's a cat."

At bath time you seem to insist now
On climbing up to the spout
A shock of cold water upon us
Brings "STOP", a sharp breath and a shout.

And I find it hard to miss
A single moment that passes us by
A want to capture that moment
With my eye, I can't let it lie.

Did I blink too fast and miss your
Tiny changes that occured through the year
No amount of watching and writing
Can catch up with the speed of time dear.

As I lie here I'll ponder how you now
Have your mother wrapped round your fingers
Yet the thought of it makes me laugh so
24 pounds on which my heart lingers.

An angel with the touch of the devil
A Scorpio through and through
I'd have you no other way darling
It makes you the way I love you.


faning said...

Simply beautiful x

JENN said...

That is SO very "bonita" "maganda" "pretty" with your poetic sentimental words.....

Fun has just began and more ADVENTURES to come in the Parenthood Land...

With lots of love to you CALLUM from everyone and forevermore from your parents and from your AWESOME big brother "REU" too for sure...

You are a true diamond of the year.. for a November Birthday Toddler one-year-old blue-eyed cutie.

Love You & more wishful blessings to you Callum throughout the years to come as you grow more and more,


Kristi said...

Love it!

And I love the "Apple of my eye" pics! :-)