Friday, November 6, 2009

30 and 12

30 and 1 year old

Think Mama is Rachel from Baby Signing Time especially when I put an orange stripey sock in the V of my orange top
Like to walk backwards
Love to spin round in circles til your very dizzy which amazes me given your lack of natural balance
Can stand up from a sitting down position
Can pick up toys from a standing position unassisted
Can walk 95 steps.. at which point I’ve stopped counting. You can walk! and now rarely crawl unless you’re playing chase through the tunnel with Callum
Can sit down and get up from a child’s chair
Can walk up and down stairs with aid
Can take off your pajamas and need minimal help to put them on
Love to take off your socks and use them as hand puppets
Love to see yourself in photos
Like to group objects that are the same and sign same, finding similarities when they would otherwise have passed me by
Are less interested in lining up trucks
Express a wide range of emotions and initiate interaction with other adults and children
Spend much time observing and imitating the actions of adults
Can say most of the letter sounds of the alphabet (ah, bu, cuh, de, e, ff etc)
Have more signs than I can count and every day, a growing spoken vocabulary
Still try to teach Callum to sign despite his protestations
Have been assessed as having the receptive and expressive language of a 25 and 23 month old (at 29 months old), and given your challenges, this is amazing
Still don’t enjoy building blocks too much, although will sign “build blocks” and quickly follow it with your favourite, “crash”
Have undergone 10 anesthesias often with multiple surgeries

Can push a cart
Respond to “no” by stopping what you’re doing and then laughing
Clap hands
Nod your head furiously to say “no”
Can walk with aid
Stand momentarily
Can pick things up with one finger and thumb
Can drop and pick up toys
Can throw objects
Feed yourself finger foods
Hold a cup with two hands and drink without assistance
Posture yourself when being dressed
Can mimic simple actions
Have a sprinkling of signs including milk, bath, thank you, diaper

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