Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 365, Eve of Callum's Birthday

"Bye bye babyhood, hello toddlerdom!"

The days went by in such a flash
There's barely time to breathe
And here I'm writing "365"
And I cannot believe

Any comments for Callum's birthday book, please write away with thanks! Always lovely for prosperity.

Tonight after the boys are in bed, I need to:
- bake an organic birthday cake (because that's what I want to eat)
- bake high fructose corn syrup cupcakes (because that's what everyone else wants to eat)
- wrap the party favours
- wrap Callum's birthday presents (simple, inexpensive, educational and creative)
- go shopping for the party food
- get my hair done
- and try to beat my record of putting the birthday cake in the oven at 2.30am as happened on Reuben's 2nd birthday
- write my monthly letter to the boys and my birthday mistle to Callum

But I just had to post these pics of Callum, the first picture of which is the last entry in the Callum 365 project, day 365. It makes me tearful to think he's going to be one; silly hey? I'm way too sentimental...


The Claytons said...

Wow One year old already! My how time flies! I have enjoyed watching your little boy grow on the blog! So glad that you have shared him with us in the blog world. Happy 1st Birthday Callum!!

ellen charge said...

as each day passed i saw him look more like his lovely brother as each photo came my way i saw the beauty i see in all of you hope he has a great day

Debra said...

Happy, happy birthday Callum! One year has gone by so quickly - you are a beautiful little boy and I have enjoyed watching your first 12 months in pics.

joanne.jeynes said...

Happy Birthday Callum - gosh that year has flown by x

jennifer wolf said...

Love, love, love the happy portraits in this shoot, especially the first one!

Happy Birthday, Callum Andreas Lucas Dodd! We look forward to tons more playdates with you while you are ONE!

Love, Jennifer, Brian, Jaxon, Georgie & April

JENN said...

Let's all sing & hooray for CALLUM.. Yeeeeaaaahhhhh...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you.... Happy BIRTHDAY, Happy BIRTHDAY.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALLUM....

May you have more and lots more astonishing adventures to come stepping into your toddler world ways...

What a joyful tears you bring to everyone and especially from your "Mama" Catherine and your "DA DA" Jason on this very very special day to celebrate YOUR BIG DAY turned ONE year old -- amazing little big boy you are.....

Love you both CALLUM & your big brother "REU",


Crystal M. said...

WOW 1 ALREADY!!! Happy Birthday Callum!!!
Crystal and Eva