Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My 41st birthday

Happy 41st birthday to me (thanks to Facebook, everyone gets to remember my birthday...thanks CHARGE friends!) and lovely to hear from Mum and Dad this morning on the phone.

I'm fortunate that Nursies Fanaye, Dollie and Jenn are all helping out with the boys so I can get out with the girls and enjoy the cool bar at the Viceroy at the beach in Santa Monica. I'll take Reuben to school in the morning since he'll be missing quite a few days after his tonsillectomy surgery next Monday. The weather is glorious and hot so maybe a stroll along the beach in the afternoon will be how we'll spend the day before I'm under strict orders by Dollie to smarten myself up.

Lovely to have balloons still up at home so no further decorations required.

Dollie insisted I buy myself a pretty dress which I'll do with the money I made shooting another big and beautiful 1st birthday party at the weekend.

Callum's birthday party post to follow. He received some truly lovely gifts and Gracie & Preston Swann win the competition for eco-friendly wrapping, beautifully hand decorated by themselves. And in true recycling style, I've saved it so it can be used again.

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hannah m said...

Happy Birthday to you, Catherine!!!