Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas party late night preparations

Santa is due to make an appearance at this evening's Christmas party at home. I had a 10hr cook fest in the kitchen yesterday, figs with port wine, cheese fondue, rosemary roasties and stuffing, roasted veggies and made my first gingerbread cookies. We're doing a toy drive for Children's Hospital and are grateful to everyone who's bringing gifts to support the cause. Home looks so beautiful with all the lights and the huge Douglas Fir tree adorned with sentimental decorations from over the years. Nursies Jenn and Dollie bought the boys an early Christmas present, with thanks! a sumptuous brown leather chair which we all love. Callum pushes the chair to the tree and stands up on it so he can get to the shiny silver bauble to chew. That's Callum.


Geraldine said...

Your house looks beautiful.
Jason busy lugging the christmas tree indoors.

It's turned very cold here and we expect snow this week! Odds on for a white Christmas!

There's nothing like a real tree eh? After all those years of plastic varieties (which I do have very fond memories of), we have finally got ourselves a real tree. It barely fits into the front room (a misnomer since all my rooms are front rooms!), and we've had to hack back some of the branches, but it does look and smell lovely. Artificial tree is safe and sound in the attic but I do feel like I've left a friend out in the cold, not using it this year!

hannah m said...

Figs in port? Cheese fondue? Roasted veg? Mmmmmm, you are speaking my language!

What a lovely celebration to host and what a beautiful way to give back.

That photo of Reuben and Jason carrying in the tree is awesome.