Monday, January 11, 2010

Two little boys

Show me a greater love than that between brothers! sisters! To have them both so close was a miracle of medical science, pushing all the boundaries and a tremendous journey and yet I look at these images and think, wow! how so worth it it was and how happy I'll be for the rest of my days that we went through it together. Callum helped along with his new walking by Reuben. What a delightful image that is!







On the way home, the boys spot a cat from the window. Callum signs cat and Reuben refines his sign. "It's like an "f" sweeping across your face from your mouth" he says to Callum.



Geraldine said...

Don't they look happy together, playing in the park. Reuben is just a picture with his brother. Callum looks like he wants to take on the world. And

Geraldine said...

what expressions he pulls.!

Kristi said...

As always, gorgeous photos!
I love the ones of them in the swing together... I love them all... but especially those!