Monday, March 8, 2010


On the road to transition, more of which I'll write about soon, but I wanted to note his lead teacher's comments which are heartwarming to read, verbatim, prior to his psychological evaluation:

Reuben has come a long way and he is demonstrating independence and confidence within a classroom setting that will lead him to be successful in his next setting in the appropriate classroom alongside peers his age. These couple of days he has been feeding and eating independently and really following what is expected with minimal to moderate prompting. He is initiating play with others, communicating spontaneously, and he is generalizing skills from home to the school setting. He consistently labels colors, numbers, object identification, strings sentences together, plays appropriately with toys, follows 1-2 step directions, cleans up after himself, etc...

Important observations may be shared during the meeting:
* Want others not underestimating his ability based on his medical devices (g-tube, thrach, glasses, hearing aid, orthotics) 
* He'd rather not have attention on himself for medical interruptions (suctioning, trowing up, coughing,etc...) that might be beyond his control at times. He gets embarassed and will often redirect our attention away from himself to other things in the environment.
* He also redirects others attention to other things as a way to avoid a task however, his skills in following through with verbal prompting have been improving.
* He is shy but a curious learner who is very observant and takes his time to warm up to people and situations.


Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

so proud of your sweet boy. he has come such a long way. this evaluation warms my heart, catherine. i can only imagine how it feels for you!

Kristi said...

What amazing comments about your sweet, amazing, smart little boy!

I know how much planning, preparation, anticipation, anxiety (and a million other emotions) come with transition. I hope that you are coping well with weighing all of Reuben's options and navigating the waters. Always here to help... though our transition experience was very different as we transitioned from infant program services at home to school district services at home...
Regardless, if you need to vent, bounce off any ideas, discuss services, etc., you know I am here.

Much love to you during this time...