Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Reuben (2nd May)

Pics by Colette at Lil Toes Photography, a gift for the boys to celebrate his birthday. The little party will be a bit more modest than my dreams but we'll still have fun


Sara said...

GORGEOUS! Hope he has a fabulous day and that you have time to remember the day you became a Mama and your dreams came true.
Give him a big birthday kiss from me and we WILL see you soon.

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

Whoops! I said Happy Birthday a day early then =)
Well, I hope tomorrow is a wonderful celebration for you sweet Reu.
We love you, you handsome 3 year old!

Debra Compton said...

Happy birthday Reuben from your friends in Washington!
Debra and Rick

Debra said...
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Kristi said...

Wishing you, sweet Reuben, a Happy 3rd Birthday today... as today is the "official" day!

Yesterday was a lovely day for a celebration... beautiful, blue skies and surrounded by people who love your whole family! Hoping today the celebration continues with the little man feeling a bit better :-)

hannah m said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Reuben! What a strong, resilient, joyful boy you are. Here's hoping that May brings you beautiful days, full of healing and sweet adventures. Three years old...I can hardly believe it!

Lorna said...

Happy belated 3rd birthday Reuben ~
Love & hugs for a beautiful day

Lorna & Katie

Billy's Mum said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Reuben hope you had a wonderful day.

Lots of love,
Helen & William

pete_nicki said...

Happy Birthday Reuben, hope to see your current situation improve and you back on those strong legs.

Apologies for the delay, we seemed to have lost our access.

Crystal M. said...

Happy Birthday Rueben!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Cystal and Eva

TiaChica said...

Lots of Strength to you all! Happy Birthday Reuben!