Thursday, May 27, 2010

Penultimate day at UCLA - Los Angeles Family Photographer

My mind drifts back to your first days at UCLA. Unable to walk unassisted, no ability to move your vocal chords and sound a word, cry or laugh, in terms of what you have achieved, it feels like a lifetime away. And yet did I envisage you walking, talking, laughing, climbing, jumping. I had my high hopes, I knew there was an Everest to climb and at times the peak kept cruelly being displaced, higher and higher, so it felt like we would never reach the summit, and yet today, on your penultimate day at UCLA, we can stand with the flag waving and look down to the peaks and troughs, the deep canyons and joyous crests and truly marvel at what lies below us. It's a beautiful view.
I started out fairly calmly, but then realising during Circle Time that this would be the last time we would sing "Reuben came to play today...", I couldn't control the rush of tears. I didn't manage to sing this song to you a final time Reuben (tomorrow we are only in for graduation); only my fingers could do the talking in sign in respect of a little wobbly chin and stiffled chords.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ...

but are felt in the heart." Helen Keller


Crystal M. said...

Reuben has always been amazing in my eyes, he is so adorable too!!
Crystal and Eva

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

i can hardly control the tears welling up in my eyes just looking at these pictures of reu. he has just blossomed...handsome. intelligent. sweet. love.

reuben's future mother in law ;-),

Sara & the Twinkles said...

What a beautiful post - I have tears in my eyes. Reu has done so wonderfully well. hope the graduation is a happy occasion for you all. Much love to the graduate! xxxx

PS the verification code is outru
"out reu!"

Chez Family said...

Hi Catherine,

I so agree with Victoria, Reuben has truly blossomed :) Your pictures of your boys are amazing. What a special gift. They are so very handsome!
I wanted to get in touch with you to see if it was possible if we could get an update picture on our Hopeful Hearts website. That is if you don't mind if we still have your beautiful family on there.
YOu can send it to me at

Thank you!
Terra Chez

JENN said...

Incredible "REU" you rock everyone's world...

Keep up your great and awesome efforts preschooler...

Amazing captures of "REU"'s special moments... "Mum" Catherine Congratz to your gifted son...



hannah m said...

So beautiful to know how Reuben has bloomed and blossomed in this lovely school setting. I am so happy you all have had such a wonderful experience there and can totally empathize with the emotion of saying goodbye. Photos of Reu are lovely! xo