Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Photo shoots in the UK

Update: Sorry if I haven't been able to reply to some of you. Although I linked back to your blogs the access was restricted. Can you email me with "Photo shoot" in the title so I can get back to you. Many thanks!

I'm doing 1hr photo shoot specials for 125 pounds per family. That includes the shoot, backing up to a safe online storage, slideshow, archiving in 2 other locations, high quality RAW capture and processing, editing and 5 special effects applied to your favourite photos. Special: it also includes all your jpg files so you're free to print. Other family members and friends can order prints from my website to save you the hassle but it's up to you. 29th and 30th July are the best days currently if you'd liked to be involved in these specials, we can work on dates. Some of my shoots are up to 2hrs but I feel if we're focused, we can achieve what we want within an hour.  I usually deliver about 300 images within an hour. London parks would be a great location as I specialise in shaded portraiture with backlighting. Feel free to compare prices and I hope you'll agree, my approach to journalistic lifestyle photography where the children can crawl or run around and have fun, is a little more modern and flexible than a studio environment.



Hi all

I'll be in the UK from 1 July - 10 August and I'll be working whilst there to help finance the trip.

I have a beautiful new portrait lens which compliments the type of photography I love to capture, candid, informal moments, examples of which you can see on my recent wedding shoot for Carolyn & Bryan.

If you're interested in a portrait session, please let me know to discuss. I'd like to think I can work with you whether in London or on location nearer your home. I had an idea tonight after hearing from Sara, Helen and Amanda of doing a photographic tour with the boys and using my passion to bring me all over the Isles. We'll see. Prices are listed on my website or contact me for options.

Please email me or reply via comments.

With many thanks


sara said...

You already know I want you to photograph the girls, as long as we can sort out a meet up. How long are you over for? School breaks up on the 23rd July, so the last week of July would be perfect for us. We'll sort something out xxx

Billy's Mum said...

Oh no.... my one chance to own one of your stunning portraits and I'm away in Cornwall for the whole time you're here! I'm guessing it would be too far....


Polly said...

When are you going to come to Australia??!!