Tuesday, September 7, 2010

California Adventure Theme Park

Fantastic Disney park, trying to get our money's worth before the yearly pass runs out, this time exploring California Adventure Theme Park alongside Disneyland. An as yet undiscovered part where boys could play at summer camp, run along nature trials and climb to towering heights on ropes, wobbly drawbridges and ladders in Adventureland like little Tarzans.

Paradise Pier with its sideshows and huge rollercoaster, carousel and rocketships gave a good few laughs and thrills, but we adored Adventureland.

Reuben made a huge effort on the climbing structures and Callum's athleticism is very impressive. I took great pains to keep up with him as we climbed and climbed and climbed, me in silly flip flops.

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Crystal M. said...

We LOVED Disneyland and California adventure, We also stayed at the paradise pier it was a great hotel.
Looks like you all have been having a great summer.
Crystal and Eva