Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Germany: Warnemünde (10 July)

Marvelling at the independence of these four young intrepid explorers

What an absolutely fantastic day!

The sun is sure beating down as we dock the Disney Magic and spill out onto the port. There's a regatta on and the twin towns of Rostock and Warnemünde are throbbing with families.

Meandering through the cobbled streets, we sip ice cold beer alongside the beach and seek shade in a park where Reuben climbs a rope ladder magnificently well, and both boys take a quick dip in the Baltic Sea, the water being delightfully warm. I stay on listening to the choirs celebrating midsummer at the festival, and hear the crowds prepare for Germany v Uruguay tonight, sipping another beer on the beach under shear white curtains, sifting sand between my toes on the dunes and trying to capture an essence of this marvellous place on such a happy day. I love how you can grab a beer and sip it whilst strolling along, something I miss in the US. I love here how Callum's kicking up my dress under a bleaching sun.

And I love the images from today: The sunset silhouette is another favourite but the above shot was a lot of work editing out the passersby. Someone clever out there on the retouching side will no doubt be able to spot where the passerby was. Well, I'm impressed with  my new skills anyway... ;-)

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