Monday, November 15, 2010

Ursula's Baptism

I swear not a more beautiful, sweet natured, brown eyed baby exists. Or maybe I'm just a little bit biased. Today Ursula was baptised a Catholic. I last photographed her as a newborn. Through our life experience, we are forever entwined with this wonderful family, mother and father, Vivian and Peter and big sister Angela. To share today with them means the world at this most poignant time of their lives. I know many of you will remember their Angel Carlos. Their selfless grace has always been utterly awe inspiring and leaves me completely humbled in their presence.

These images were taken in their garden, a close circle of their friends and family celebrating with them. I utterly love capturing children in their happy-to-be state, occupying themselves in play without a care in the world. The dreamy moments without interruption. It does of course mean that you don't think about snot and dribble until afterwards and what could have been a few seconds wipe there and then, can save you hours into the wee small hours at home. And here, her hair tells the tale of the recent baptismal font holy water poured in great scoops over her head. 

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