Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CT Scan for scolliosis

Please keep Reuben in your thoughts tomorrow. He's having a CT scan to determine scolliosis of his back as the xrays were undeterminable.

On the heart front, after consultation with the surgeons who are often keen to bring things forward, surgery will be within 3 years so no immediate rush now. This 2nd open heart surgery will address the subaortic membrane, scar tissue that's flapping around in his hand and causing turbulence and was likely a result of his first open heart surgery. It will potentially address his bicuspid valve.

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PBJ Mommy said...

Hi Catherine
Meeting Ruben today was such a joy. He is just an amazing little boy and so easy to fall in love with.
He is such an inspiration.
Thank Jason for me. I will try and give you a call tomorrow.
xo's from the Lozano's