Monday, March 7, 2011

The Halo

Upon meeting the orthopedic Dr today to discuss the findings of the CT scan in 3D, we've walked away with the pretty certain knowledge that Reuben will need neck surgery to remove extra bones and deal with the fused bones in his neck. After that he'll wear a halo neck brace for 2-3 months which will be drilled into his skull for stability. This will be within the next 4-6 months to prevent worsening of his scoliosis and torticollis.

It looks like this - click here. Medieval torture chamber eat your heart out.

Feeling very uncomfortably numb.

Update: Candi Meadows (in CHARGE) put me in touch with this lovely family. I smiled when I saw her as he smile was shining through the halo. Gives me hope: Isabelle


ellen charge said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww reuu u poor little sweet you fill get through this like a true hero like u allways do and catherine i have a friend that had thhe halo brace she had it for six months and i do beleive she went to new york with it all the way form aus for her starlight wish to meet the auther of the bsc books so i can not see this stopping ur england plans just wanted to reaqsure you of that and another thing is it def wont coz mia is in a chair and cant move a well not much LOL and if she could go to nyc with that brace then you guys can go c ur fam love u

Sara & the Twinkles said...

Oh Catherine. Poor little Reu. I have no doubt that he will bear it with bravery, as he has done with everything else. Much love and hugs to you all xxxxx

Crystal M. said...

Poor Reuben, my prayers are with you all. I know a little boy who had one and it was not fun. Hope it all goes fast.
Crystal and Eva

FRIEND said...

With love, courage, strength, willfulness, lots of support, and number one in faith with GOD... You will conquer it all REU...We love you so much...Remebering your braveness with all you have gone through...Your mama always with you in goodtimes and tough times..

Hugs and support to you Catherine...

With thoughts and care,