Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sun's Up, Santa Monica

The quintessentially Callumness of his hands delights me.

There's something about this city that grabs ya: for some, it's the obvious seduction of the beaches, the stunning mountain backdrop, the ritz. And for other's it's that which gets under your skin after a few years of really getting to know the place, discovering her nuances, quirkiness, warmth, beauty and insecurities which are not first apparent.

A short ride from Reuben's school a few blocks away on a bright sunny morning in LA, of which we've had few of late with the record rains, and the sun is tickling the surf, dancing with light in a misty sea of water colours, and beckoning a stroll. In the gentle breeze, a fairy lightness spins in the grains of sand being blown up to the salty air. If it weren't for my own miracle to watch, I would have gladly watched it all morning til the light changed and the effect would have dissipated. On the spur, I meet up with special needs Mama friend Cassandra and whilst Callum nestles into me in sleep, we have a great chance for a catch up, followed by the restaurant I keep mentioning for lunch, whereupon Callum insists on climbing over all the booths and Reuben is more than content staring at people on the buses going up and down and less keen on helping me make words from makeshift letters.

I love how the day is totally unplanned and turns out so very beautifully.


hannah m said...

You're so talented, Catherine. These pictures make me so happy!

(Was just reading this post in my reader as your comments came in - will email you!) xo

Kristi said...

Again, so beautiful. Your editing techniques get better and better, if that's actually possible!

(Have some thoughts re: your post on fb today... will email you, too!) :-)