Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

A gloroius day in London and the rest of the country, each soaking up the joy emanating from the happy couple and me where I feel very at home, swaying with crowds and cheering on the Royal procession, by myself but never alone. Arriving at 6am meant I was still about 6 rows back from the thronging crowds, the image captured on tip toes and live view which for most of us ended up being humously misjudged till I found this gem amongst them.

Cheers to my favourite city in the World, my hometown, for hosting such a momentous event and long into the night in the country with my sister, watching the TV coverage I hadn't seen after a right old knees up in the pub.

I have never known the entire country to feel so happy. It sways and radiates joy, like the endless sunny Spring days feeling much like summer that have blessed this trip. It's overwhelming gorgeous.

How fortunate was I to be there on the Mall watching the procession and then by the luck of the police crowd control, to be swept moments from the Palace gates and that all too wanted first kiss.

To be a moment of great history I feel quite honoured, there by myself as I'd been for Diana's memorial. If only I'd had one of those huge zooms with me and not a pack of memory cards that kept reading full. Delete, delete, quick!

Fairytales do come true...


Leslie, Arlin and Katie Kauffman said...

So cool, Catherine, that you were there for the Royal procession and that you also attended Diana's memorial. How great to be a part of history in the making! I've been to London twice and loved it. I can see why you love such a beautiful city, with all its history and tradition.

JENN said...

SUCH A MAGICAL MOMENT FOR ALL, the whole world watching on tv .... and they even had there royal wedding countdown show in America for this through Access Hollywood... Hey C, such an awesome capture you being there for their royal balcony kiss of the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge as the royal newly wed ... They are such a very charming royal couple Prince Arthur Phillip William Louie and now a Princess Catherine Elizabeth ... How amazing....So congratz you with your city's royal celebration and you being there for the historical true to life fairytale.... Such "a dream come true"....for have the princess's name Catherine so cool...such a beautiful name for a gorgeous Mama of Reuben and Callum...

Take Care...,


Crystal M. said...

That is amazing you were able to be there. Also wonderful picture!! Glad you got to be part of history.

dxeechick said...

That's amazing that you were there.

Mz. Anonymous said...

I KNEW IT!!!! I told myself over and over that if Catherine was in town for the Royal Wedding, she'd be sure fight the crowds to get the best pic possible of the happy couple. You definitely got it! Wow!

Lorna said...

What a WONDEFUL picture! And how lucky was you to be in London on this very specail occasion! I can only dream as i watched it on tv over here. What a lovely memory ~