Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old Navy friends - Los Angeles Family Photographer

Does one of these make you laugh more than the other? An undecided Blip!

"She's so plastic Callum. You can do better." (title by Trudi)

What a great day. I decided you don't often get to hear that from me, so there you go. What a great day. Here goes:

Callum makes friends wherever he goes.

I noticed Arnie wasn't there at the morning mass after his rumored indiscretions. I have to say, last time I did see the Terminator coming back from communion, I felt a little like Linda Hamilton (but without the bod). Are the US and UK privacy laws on celebrities caught in flagranti so different?

Callum made friends with the almost 6 year old in front who was there with his Dad, the boy inviting me twice to his house for a playmate and giving me his full address. Little Zak was a Godsend, almost entirely taking Callum off my hands. The boys swapped toys and books throughout the service and Callum delved into my bag to find something else to give him and proudly presented him with a Tampax which I'm sure delighted his Dad.

It's such a spectacularly musical service (it is Hollywood) that the boys dance most of the way through, especially the crescendo of the Lord's Prayer and when the big clapfest came at the end, it was perfectly timed with Reuben's signing accomplishments which left him in a delightful fit of giggles assuming everyone was clapping him.

Then for a playmate in the park except everyone forgot to turn up. So we had a playmate by our sweet selves and Callum followed the big boys till they accepted him into their little gang and were willing to let him ride in their fast cars.

On for some Mandarin lunch at PF's (dismay: the Szechuan flatbread's off the menu), where Callum amused nearby diners by climbing booth over booth over booth. So I put a toddler harness on him and he did a Houdini act on that.

I then realized my summer wardrobe was abominable and I did my twice yearly, let's buy as many cheap clothes as a I can in as quick a time as they boys will allow. I told you Callum makes new friends one every occasion.

Home and smiling, glass of wine and salt n vinegar Kettle crisps in hand.


dxeechick said...

haha these are awesome. he blends in so perfectly it was like Where's Waldo for a second!

Kristi said...

Yay for a good day!
I LOVE the second photo... It is PERFECT in every way! :-)

JENN said...

What a treat to see those pics.. Callum such a natural ... he should be an OLD NAVY toddler model....