Sunday, July 31, 2011

At the Beach House - Los Angeles Family Photographer

Stepping back in time at the Annenberg Community Beach House, the hand painted tile lining the pool in its own poseidon adventure, yet what was once the playground in the Golden Era for Hollywood royalty is now a community pool and leisure complex. I enjoy the signs denoting that the pool does not entirely fit California building codes due to its heritage. It has quickly become my favorite place in Los Angeles. The fact that I didn't discover it upon opening two years ago I should try to put out of my head lest I kick myself over it.

Marvelling at the Marion Davies Guest House which still remains leaves me lamenting the loss of the original Beach House, only the pool of which remains. Shockingly, it gave way to a half century of parking lots. I can only summise our forefathers had no understanding of the significance of such an architectural trove. It awakens one of my other great passions: architecture and design, the latter an area in which I've had some formal education. If like me you're obssessed with vintage photographs, check out this link to the marvel of what was once the Beach House in all its Georgian Revival. 
Reuben's swimming was remarkable: in his trached days just a year ago when water was out of his reach, the thought that he would be doing elementary backstroke under my careful watch with the support of a lifejacket was unimaginable and today it was thrilling to behold. Even the lifeguard showered compliments upon him. I walked away with some information of getting Reuben some private swimming lessons specially geared towards his disabilities. A full day of swimming with the sun only ascending from the marine layer fog at midday saving our skin some of the beating rays til then. A glorious day.
Our neighbor has just announced their pool is ours for the next week in their absence.... yippee, but tomorrow morning I'll be back here with Callum for $ Mondays.

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