Monday, November 28, 2011

Disneyland for Thanksgiving

Spectacular, spectacular Disneyland day. 

Boys in great form.

Didn't get back in time for any Thanksgiving groceries being left in the supermarket and had envisaged Boston Market still being open, so the turkey dinner will wait til the weekend. Would ordinarily spend Thanksgiving with my cousin Barrie's family here, but they're planning for a big wedding tomorrow, ironically his soon to be brother in law whom I first went to Disneyland with in 1989 when I did BUNAC. Barrie actually called me about 5 minutes before this shot for Thanksgiving so our conversation was interrupted by kids screeching with excitement for Mickey.

An extraordinary turn at the Haunted House: a Halloween blend of Christmas. A visual feast, but rather unnerving on many levels with the Santa skeleton, but the boys loved it as they do all the rides, tree houses and parades. Don't mess with my Christmas is what I say! Doing another series of bokeh lights as with last year which is proving fun. Enjoyed the versatility of the 24-70/2.8 today even without the sharpness of my primes. I'd like to share them for download as textures, just need to get my act together.

Lovely weather, cloudy and warm enough to wear a dress and cardi.

I started to think again about the benefits of living in LA: Callum this week has played in the fresh snow high in the Los Angeles mountains, run in the ocean surf, been to Disneyland and attended school.

For Thanksgiving: Thanking God for Reuben's pretty good health for 6 months, the longest stretch yet. For his extraordinary reading abilities, a 4 year old reading like a 6 year old, after just 2 years with use of his vocal chords. For the boys being best friends. For Callum's beaming smiles. For Reuben's laugh and excitement for life. For Callum being the best brother imaginable to Reuben. For Callum's adventurous, sporty, funny sweet self. For my good health. For family and friends. For my boys' kisses and hugs. For the salty smell in their hair after a big play day. For the times I can just nestle my head in their curls and wisps. For Callum seeing a dove and two hearts this morning in a book and saying "I love you". For the boys having friends. For the gift of being able to take photographs and to put thoughts into written words.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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love it in so many ways!