Friday, November 4, 2011


I didn't need to cry too much today, the clouds did it all for me.

I now have two little alumni from UCLA, my little Bruins. They say a lady always knows when to leave, so I guess I must not be much of a lady. It's a hard fact to accept, but my little baby has grown up, is almost 3 and is in need of a beautiful new challenge in life.So proud am I of Callum's path, the little peer role model at the school, and of how he has learnt so much of life's greatest achievement, to be compassionate to his fellow man.I know the memories will flood back in my mind when I'm least expecting them to, stopping me still in my tracks, bringing me back to the big happy bear hugs from teacher Lizette, the radiant smiles from Miriam, the nurturing from Jennifer, the ability to have fun in the water with Carolyn, the security and support from Dane and the memories of both boys' first teacher, Belinda, the one I will always hold in the greatest esteem as a pillar of a perfect teacher.Thank you to UCLA Intervention Program for taking me from my tough early days of motherhood to where I am today, still learning and without which, we would not have had the extraordinarily steady stepping stones to life upon which we are now blessed to walk.I'm forever grateful to Jenn for having these gowns custom made. We all really love you, Jenn.Last night was a once in a lifetime opportunity...just need some pics back from the paparazzi!

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Crystal M. said...

LOVE the grads they are so cute!!