Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carousel - Santa Monica Child Photographer

Today we

- said bye to our vacant corner lot purple flowers disguised as a meadow
- dropped Reuben off at school
- had our hair cut together at the Yellow Balloon and left with cookies, a yellow balloon and Callum's curls in an envelope 
- skipped down the hill and over to the vintage carousel on the pier
- ate strawberry and mint choc icecreams perched on chrome swivel chairs
- looked longingly at the Valentine's candy 
- floated our yellow balloon in the air
- wanted to go on the rides but didn't ;-(
- popped our heads in the photo booth
- sat at the end of the pier reading Dr Seuss til Callum fell asleep snuggled into Mummy under the hot midday sun
- walked back to the car (rather, Mummy carried Callum up the hill asleep back to the car)
- picked Reuben up from school
- chatted away in the back of the car 
- said hello to our vacant corner lot purple flowers disguised as a meadow
- took Reuben to speech therapy and physical therapy, playing rockets to help Reuben's balance
- ate Mexican for dinner
- watched mummy get ready super quick for her workshop which we called mummy's "camera party"
- were entertained by Jenn and Kristina whilst Mummy went to her camera party

and had a beautiful day...


Kristi said...

I can't believe how much that haircut matured Callum's look! WOW! Such a handsome young man... glad you kept the curls!

As usual, love all the pics!

Kristina Johnson said...

The Yellow Balloon is where I got my haircut as a kid too! In fact, my mom still goes there! She went there yesterday to get her hair cut & colored.