Friday, January 20, 2012

In the undergrowth - LA Kid Photographer

True to form, The Thinker sits and ponders life and love whilst the Adventurer sets off in search of pirate's treasure buried in the midst of wildflowers (it's probable?)

But Callum's mind has already begun to scheme...

"Hey Reu! Come and play!" he encourages, as he looks up at this much loved big brother, laughing away.

"Only if you let me shred these leaves first" answers Reuben.

"But you're always doing that Reuben. What's the big deal with shredding leaves?" replies Callum.

"You see a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. I've gotta have an occupation. It helps ground me. I enjoy that thinking time whilst I'm shredding. And anyway, all this reading makes a man weary Callum."

"I know Reuben (actually listener. Yeah you there looking at me. I gotta tell you. I don't really. I'd much rather be running around chasing the ladies than reading books like Reuben, but for the sake of the story...)" replies Callum...

"So did you hear the joke about the...?" continues Callum...

"Callum's so funny!" exclaims Reuben with glee as down into the undergrowth Callum slips, saturated with the humour of his own jokes...

and down...

and down still, till he's rolling in the deep.

"Love you Reu Reus."

"Hey, don't get all soppy on me" replies Reuben. "We're big boys now".

"But I love you Callum. You make my day."

"Hmm..." ponders Callum. "I'll be right back!" (that being Callum's favourite expression)

and he heads off to fetch wood for their camp.

and leaves for the roof...

"So it's back to leaf shredding then Reuben?".

"I reckon so", replies Reuben.