Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dana's Birthday Party - Los Angeles Birthday Photographer

Wonderful party, Pimms aplenty, great fun and company, bounce house, many Brits from the school and killer evening light filtering through the distant mountains as it bounced off the ocean to boot! I admire Reuben greatly on this occasions, the way he holds his own in unfamiliar company, trying to make new friends. Proud of you darling.

What more could we ask for on this long weekend? The uplifting Mass at St Monica's that proceeded it. I was handed an incredible little letter by the elderly lady sitting beside us, as she made words from my initials to describe me, a stranger to her. I shall cherish it. As ever, the boys boogied on down to the Our Father.

These is one of my favourite styles of photojournalism. Candids captured through a large group of kids by virtue of using a long zoom racked out, with the whole subject in focus, rather than simply a selective point of focus. And as for the colour saturation, well this lens is utterly exquisite. Too bad I'll be paying it off for the next few years ;-)
70-200/2.8L IS II USM

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