Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Sneak peek of an evening session with the boys

There's a sole image of Reuben as he insisted on being a rascal. As for Callum, he continues to delight in the camera, the camera adores him.

Thanks to Kristina for help wrangling the boys. We're about to sit down for a glass of wine (after her shift!). I haven't watched a show or a movie in many weeks.

I was trying to describe to her how imagery makes me feel. I'm an exceptionally visual person. Perhaps it's a similar kick to that which someone would get from champagne to quote Sinatra. It literally fills me with a flood of good feeling, a tremendous sense of warmth running through me. If I don't feel that about an image, then I move on. That's my criteria for selection and once I've shared the images of Callum later, it'll be interesting to know if you have that same feeling too. Or indeed, if it's another one of my strange nuances.

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